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Adult Education Centre of Biella, People’s University, Volkshochschule, Université Populaire, Universidad Popular

3rd June 2004: an historical date for the world of cultural associations not only in Biella. The two Popular Universities working in the area of Biella (Università Popolare di Biella and Università Subalpina) decided to join in order to give birth to a new association called UPBeduca-Università Popolare Biellese per l’educazione continua (Biellese Association for Lifelong Learning), which has been operating since the academic year 2004/2005. The two meetings of associates have been chaired by the President of the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation of Biella, Luigi Squillario who accepted with great enthusiasm the invitation by the two presidents David Coen Sacerdotti Sears and Franco Ruffa to be the influential and confident “ferry-man” of this operation. All operations started some time ago with meetings that have taken place more and more often in order to prepare with accuracy every detail of the union. The main drafts of  the new charter have been read, discussed and approved after a large number of passionate proposals which, in addition to showing the strong interest of the many associates who took part in the discussion, have as well shown their true positive feelings towards a step that has been in the wind for some time and has found boards of directors and associates of both Universities strongly in favour.

Strong approval for the unification has been expressed, not only by Mr. Squillario but also by the Mayor of Biella Mr. Gianluca Susta and the President of the County of Biella Mr. Orazio Scanzio. The new University, which will take over from Università Popolare di Biella (Popular University of Biella) and Università Popolare Subalpina per l’educazione continua (Subalpine Popular University for continuous education), will not only become the first among the similar associations of the region but, as Mr. Squillario has stressed, will stand as an institution of great importance among all other Italian associations.


Università Popolare Biellese (Biella Popular University) is founded ; “its aim is to divulgate scientific, humanistic and artistic culture in and around Biella, excluding any kind of political and religious propaganda”. Headed by Corradino Sella mayor of Biella, it had excellent teachers among which Camillo Sormano. The University closed in 1904. In the same period (1903-1904) there is in Graglia the Scuola Popolare per Adulti (Popular School for adults).

Alfredo Saraz creates Università Popolare Ambulante del Circondario di Biella (Mobile Popular University of Biella Area). “Its aim is to divulgate among the population a higher grade of education in order to enable everyone to understand better the problems that move the modern soul”. The association has three branches: Biella, Andorno Micca and Cossato. This experience ends in 1915.

The foundation of Università Popolare di Biella (Popular University of Biella) gives back life to a tradition lasting over a century that was risking to be lost and forgotten. – (see historical profile)

Università Popolare Subalpina per l’Educazione Continua (Subalpina Popular University for Continuous Education) is born, and works in parallel with Università Popolare di Biella (Popular University of Biella): The coexistence gives a strong contribution to the cultural life of Biella and lifelong learning in Biellese. – (see historical profile)

Università Popolare di Biella (People’sUniversity of Biella) and Università Popolare Subalpina per l’Educazione Continua (Subalpina People’s University for Continuous Education) unify their activities giving to the latter the task of carrying on the branch of vocational education, and give birth to UPBeduca–Università Popolare Biellese per l’educazione continua® (People’s University of Biella for Continuing Education) (see UPBeduca profile, pdf document). On 15th September 2004 the General Assembly is held in Biella and sanctions definitely the birth of the new association. On the 21st of September the new board of directors completes the procedure with the election of the board of directors.

Università Popolare Biellese per l’educazione continua (Popular University of Biella for Continuous Education):

It’s registered in the centralized Regional Register of corporate bodies, pursuant to Regional Committee resolution no. 39-2648 dated 2.04.2001 as stipulated by document of Piedmont Region n. 534 dated 03.06.2006.

It is Istituto di Cultura Generale (Institute of General Culture) recognized by the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali (Ministry for the Historic Environment and the Cultural Activities) of the Italian Republic with ministerial decree n. 13920 of 19th October 1984 and following note n. 5379 of April 2nd April 1985

Being part of Unieda:

-      It is registered in the register of associations that operate in favour of immigrants pursuant to note no. A/322/2004RM – Ministry of Labour and Social Security (General Direction for Immigration);

-      It’s qualified for CILS-Certification for Italian as a Foreign Language at the University for Foreigners in Siena (general agreement signed in march 2004);

-      It is recognized as a national association of Social Promotion (Section 2, 3° paragraph of Ministerial Decree 14/11/2001, no. 471- Law no. 383/20009).

It is part of


Unione italiana di educazione degli adulti



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